mandag den 29. oktober 2012

Sweetjumper's Sweet 'N' Cosy Harley

*Harley's stamtavle/pedigree* 
Posey Canyon  Top Hat and Tails
Ch. Posey Canyon Code of the West
Ch. Rednock Shaggy
Ch. Red Rock White Noise
Edison's Heaven Can Wait
Ch. Posey Canyon Storm Watch
Edison's Simone
WW10 & Ch. Angels Chicabee
Ch. McAllister's Prince  Of Denmark
Ch. Nørlund Spacewalker
Ch. Rainpearl So Nice Of Sweet Surprise
Cudwee's Vanity
Ch. Rednock Myown Magicman
Alne Stockpin
Billeder af Harley/Pictures of Harley


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